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Miniature Cinderella diorama

Growing up I always loved fairy tales and even to this day I love to buy old second hand fairy tale book 🧚 So I really enjoyed doing this paper model its so unique, I hope you give it a try as well.
A bit info on this specific paper model is that its a vintage paper model, originally published in a Danish magazine in the 1920s. The model is split into 4 sides so each side tells part of the Cinderella story. Its super cute.

Materials I used
-200gsm paper
-I recommend mod podge to glue base onto the CD, since the cd surface is so smooth.

I edited the file so when you print it, it should fit a normal CD/DVD, link to the file: Cinderella

Thanks for watching!



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2 responses to “Miniature Cinderella diorama”

  1. Barbara Telfer Avatar
    Barbara Telfer

    I have started working on this project but am confused as to why it prints smaller. The CD is larger than the circle image is. However the colors are beautiful and I am hoping to figure out how to cover the whole CD to make it look like part of the art. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks. This is adorable.

    1. tinycraft Avatar

      Oh that is odd, I did edit the pdf so that it fits a normal CD, maybe something is off on the printer settings? I would check that it prints at 100% size

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