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Free Printable Sticker Sheet

Happy May Day!
I wanted to do something special for all my readers/subscribers, so I made a little free sticker for you to print =) The sticker is free to use anyway you like but please do not resell or distribute otherwise.
I made a few versions depending what your go to printing paper size is. So here are the PDF versions for A4 size and US letter size read to print:

🌱 A4 size PDF 🌱
🌱 US Letter Size PDF 🌱

If you have a plotter like cricut or silhouette I also made a PNG version with just a white outline around the sticker. Sadly I don’t have a plotter so I’m not sure what specific specifications the files has to be, so if someone has a cricut/silhouette you can let me know how the files should be set up and I would be happy to adjust the file accordingly =)

🌱 A4 size PNG 🌱
🌱 US Letter Size PNG 🌱

For the printing paper I used Matte white self adhesive sticky paper from Evergreen Goods (website), but I wish I had ordered the glossy version as I think the colors would pop much more. I bought mine from amazon online.

 If you have any questions feel free to ask.
Thanks for watching and reading!

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8 responses to “Free Printable Sticker Sheet”

  1. John Avatar

    Hi can please make disney palace with paper
    Iam John

  2.  Avatar

    There is no link

  3.  Avatar

    so can i print it or not

  4.  Avatar

    how do i print it

  5. michelle Avatar

    is dare a link

    1.  Avatar


      1. Chikin Nuget Avatar
        Chikin Nuget


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