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WIP – Butterfly shadow box

I have been planning out a miniature shadow box with tiny little butterfly’s inside. I always loved doing miniature scale things as I find it really relaxing and cozy.

Also I have been looking up for more durable woods as opposed to balsa wood. I do love working with balsa (it’s easy to cut and very affordable) but it IS very soft and I would really like my work to be durable and long lasting.
I would like it to be like a realistic piece of furniture just in miniature form if that makes sense.

One option I found was basswood, which is more dense. The downsides are that it isn’t as affordable and it come in large sheets, which isn’t very practical for miniature work. So I definitely need to do more research!

My main reason for wanting it to be good quality is that I’d like to open an Etsy store, just for my miniature creations. But all of this is just in the early stages. For now I have this little box planed for next week, so please check back when the video is out 🍰


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