The space shuttle Atlantis was used by Nasa for its 33 missions in space. The final mission ended in 2011. Some interesting facts are that it went around earth 4,848 times! That means it traveled about 203 million kilometers! So if you are a fan of space models please give this one a try as I think its really well made and looks amazing displayed. The Shuttle model comes with a display platform to sit on (you just put glue on the bottom of the 2 SRBs and attach to base) but I have mine hanging above my table.

I printed mine at 70% size, so the actual pdf/model is larger originally.
Materials I used:
– 200gsm paper
– scissors
– 2-3mm cardboard

The template was made by Paper Replika and you can find it on their website ==>>> Template <<<==

Please follow my video. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Thanks for watching!