I hope everyone is having a cozy December 🎄 For this month I plan to make only Christmassy related tutorials, so if you are looking for ideas for crafty decorations, please keep checking back!

But for today’s tutorial I thought I would do the little pop up book from the Canon creative site. They released some Christmas projects already in November so when I saw this little book I was really excited to make it!
The mini pop up book was made by the artist Kitano Yuriko for the Canon website. She also made the Halloween version that is also on Canons website and I also made the tutorial for it back around Halloween.
If you want to see more of her work please check out her Instagram.

Materials I used:
-paper 200gsm thickness
-paper glue
-mod podge
-tweezers, scissors, ruler

Template download location =>>> Template <<<=

Please follow my video. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Thanks for watching!