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Miniature Café Diorama

This cute Café diorama is a companion piece to the Bakery diorama. There is also a third one, the Flower shop. I will make that one as well, so check back soon! ^^

Note: I printed mine at 70% size so the original is a bit bigger.
Materials I used:
printing paper (200gsm)
– scissors
– paper glue or white wood glue (I find its about the same as paper glue…just way cheaper)
– ruler
– tweezers


Template download location =>>> Template <<<=

Please follow my video. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Thanks for watching!



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One response to “Miniature Café Diorama”

  1. Trang Avatar

    Thanks for the template and your tutorial video. I’ve just finished my very first diorama which is the cafe shop. Hope you to publish more videos about this

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