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Fairy Tale Shadowbox

I had so much fun making this little fairy book box. And I think it came out really cute. You could use the little box to fill it with your own little treasures, so there are loads of possibilities. But if you just wanna replicate how I made mine just click the pdf bellow =)

–> 🧚 A4 size PDF 🧚 <–

Optionally I am also making an etsy listing with more fairies and loads more butterfly wing options. They will also come in a larger size in case you wanna use the fairies for a bigger project. So please check back on Monday =)

 If you have any questions feel free to ask.
Thanks for watching and reading!

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6 responses to “Fairy Tale Shadowbox”

  1.  Avatar

    I love this Making this and I’ve finished it. It looks wonderful. Thank you!

    1. tinycraft Avatar


  2.  Avatar

    Hi. I don’t understand how to get the print

  3.  Avatar

    Hi, This was made as a gift. My friend really enjoyed it:) amazing! I appreciate all of your efforts, and the end result was fantastic.

    1. tinycraft Avatar

      Oh awesome! I’m glad your friend liked it!

  4. kellie Avatar

    how to will print your fairy shadow box,

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