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Tiny house from Up (Carl and Ellie’s house)

I made this little house because I was really inspired by my previous vintage house that I made, so I really wanted to do more houses in this scale. My other reason was to also make a tutorial on house to make a paper pattern from scratch. So if you are curious I made a tutorial here.

šŸ” –> Carl and Ellie’s House PDF <– šŸ” I printed mine on 200gsm printing paper

Ā If you have any questions feel free to ask.
Thanks for watching and reading!



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3 responses to “Tiny house from Up (Carl and Ellie’s house)”

  1. Modar Alnasser Avatar
    Modar Alnasser

    It’t cool

    1. Modar Alnaseer Avatar
      Modar Alnaseer

      It’s cool

  2. Maria Ignacia de la Carrera Avatar
    Maria Ignacia de la Carrera

    This is crazy Amazing. If it isnt too much (sharing this is already too nice of you), do you think you could share the paper pattern you had before painting it? I would like to paint it manually myself. Thank yooooouuu

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