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Carl and Ellie’s house from UP

I recently re-watched Up and I just love the movie so much! Especially the first part of the movie…..makes me tear up every single time, its just so sweet. So anyways I looked for a paper model and I found one made by Paper-Replika. Its really nice! He is also the one who made that awesome wall-e paper model, you can check that one out on my channel as well =)

Tools I used:
-paper 200gsm
-paper glue

You can find the template on Paper-Replikas site here: Template
For assembling please follow my video. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Thanks for watching!



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2 responses to “Carl and Ellie’s house from UP”

  1. Dillan Mitchell Avatar

    The house is awesome, a gonna make a museum about it

  2. Andreia Avatar

    Meu filho de 6 anos é louco pelo filme UP também!
    Achou seu vídeo no YouTube e está doido para fazer a casinha.
    Porém, quando tento abrir o molde, há solicitação de senha para documento protegido…
    Há outra possibilidade de consegui-lo?

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