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Corgi in a Teacup!

Super late upload today ^^; but I hope you enjoy this cute corgi and who doesn’t love corgis =)
Note: In the video at one point I swap out the eyes, its because I wanted them to go thought the white backing as well, so they wouldn’t sit so “on top” of the fabric.

Materials I used:
-felt fabric
-needle, thread and embroidery thread
-toy stuffing
-safety eyes 0,8mm
-hot glue or felt glue (optional)

You can download the template here ==>>> Template <<<==

Please follow my video. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Thanks for watching!



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7 responses to “Corgi in a Teacup!”

  1. Sewlivia Avatar

    I am absolutely making this for my mom. Thank you!

    1. tinycraft Avatar


  2. Francien Daniels-Webb Avatar
    Francien Daniels-Webb

    I can’t watch your videos they keep rolling? I love your tiny critters and I would enjoy making them.
    Francien in Eltham Victoria Australia ­č玭čç║

    1. tinycraft Avatar

      Hey Francien, I checked the video and it works ok for me. Could it be that you have a internet connection issue?

  3. Bimalka Avatar

    It was so cute. Thaks for sharing with us.

  4. Sharon Avatar

    Thank you so much for your generosity in supplying the templates and providing videos. Your work is beautiful. Please can I ask what felt you use and where would you recommend buying it from.

    1. tinycraft Avatar

      Thank you! I normally buy felt at my local fabric store, I find its much cheaper then the one in a art/craft store and the quality is the same in both stores. They normally have 2 thickness only and I just get the thin version, which is about 1,5mm I think =)

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