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Winter Christmas Gnome

I see these Christmas gnomes a lot across the internet and a lot of them are easy to make with no sewing so that’s why I wanted to do my take on it and maybe do it a bit more intricate. And I think he turned out pretty cute. If you do give this one a try you could totally customize him to your liking for instance you could change the colors or the beard color and so much more!

Also I actually didn’t know this but the Christmas gnome or Nisse comes from the Nordic folklore. If you would like to read more on them click HERE.

Materials I used:
-felt fabric (make sure you use good compact quality felt for this)
sharp scissors
-needle, thread and embroidery thread
-toy stuffing
some rice or pellets to give it some weight or even some pebbles
-black beads 4mm
-hot glue

Please follow my video. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Thanks for watching!



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  1. Christine Avatar

    Is there no template for this little guy?

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