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Winter Diorama

The original file On Esbens flickr is very big so I made this smaller so the whole pattern prints out on an A4 sheet. Also in the instructions in the scans it says to use tissue paper for the background behind the church, so you can definitely use that but since I didn’t have any blue tissue I just used baking paper, as its kinda transparent and painted it over. Also I made some windows in the top of the box whereas in the original its just meant to be a closed box (a cigar box originally?) but I found the little diorama just too dark….or maybe my led tea light is a bit too weak.

=>> Template <<=
=>> Box Template <<=

A huge thanks to Esben Rasmussen over on flickr for providing scans! If you want more vintage patterns please check out his flickr page.

-printing paper (200gsm)
-scissors, craft knife
-cardboard paper
-paper glue or white wood glue
-led tea light
-tissue paper or baking paper
-acrylic paint (optional)
-optionally some tweezers

Please follow my video. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Thanks for watching!


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  1. Carlo Losurdo Avatar
    Carlo Losurdo

    this is awesome! Is there a way to get a larger scan of this? Can you send me the two plates separately so that I can print them larger? Thanks for all of your great ideas.

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