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Magical Dollhouse kit (Robotime)

I had the amazing opportunity to work with Robotime and try out one of their dollhouse kits. They sent me this cute little magical dollhouse, Kiki’s Magical Emporium.
If you decide to get the dollhouse or anything else from Robotime you can use my discount code TC20 for 20% off, which has been graciously provided by Robototime.
Please note that it is an affiliate link and I will get a bit of commission but honestly I wouldn’t showcase this little kit if I didn’t think it was worth the money. ^^

The kit includes everything you will need to complete the dollhouse, minus the glue. All the parts come pre-cut or pre-scored, even the paper parts. This is such a time saver since when I do printer paper models I have to cut, score and fold everything and let me tell you it does take a while, especially with more complex paper models.

In the box you will also find a really detailed instruction booklet that is in English so its very easy to follow. All the bags with the different parts are labeled and you also get a big paper sheet that has all the parts in 1:1 scale so its very easy to find the correct part.

This was my first ever dollhouse kit and I was really surprised it actually comes with a working little ceiling light. For the light you get all the parts, a little led diode, wiring, heat shrink tubing, battery box and a little screwdriver. And it actually worked! I was a bit worried that I might do it wrong with the wiring but the instructions were really clear with which wire goes were so it worked out! And the little light gives the model such a nice finish.

It took me about 3 days to put everything together (while recording the video). It was such a joy to finally put all the little cabinets inside the house and see it all come together. I especially loved it when I finally turned on the little ceiling light and it looked so magical! I would just love to have a real little tiny potion store in real life.

So if you are a Harry Potter fan or a Ghibli movie fan this is such a perfect craft idea, or a perfect gift idea for someone that loves the movies.

But if you are more of Alice in wonderland or Sherlock Holmes fan then Robotime have 2 more dollhouses that tie in with the Magic Emporium. Personally I think all 3 are super adorable! Make sure to check them out on Robotimes website.

Also here is a video of me assembling the little magic Emporium, hope you enjoy it!

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