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Miniature Curio Box

The final size of my box is 2,5cm tall, 5cm long and about 3,7cm deep. This really is just a guide size and you could make it any size you wanted =) I used balsa wood for the box as its really easy to cut and a layer of wood filler just to give it a bit of strength, but you could skip the filler layer. For the color of the wood I just used regular acrylic painted. I also made the outside box a bit darker then the drawers just to give it more contrast =)
Hope you enjoy this little project!

🦋 –> Printable Elements <– 🦋

 If you have any questions feel free to ask.
Thanks for watching and reading!

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One response to “Miniature Curio Box”

  1. Crystal Avatar

    Hello, I absolutely love this! Stupid question – I see the printable elements download but I don’t see where to print the template.

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