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Magical Toadstool Diorama Shadowbox

You can download the template here:

🍄 –> Printable Elements <– 🍄

I used to have a laser printer and the colors were really vibrant, but since then I bought a new inkjet printer with the ink tanks. While I really like my new printer…the inkjet printer just doesn’t print colors in the same way as the laser printer. But cost wise it made more sense to buy the inkjet at the time. So I test printed this project on inkjet photo paper and the colors are just so glossy and bright, I love it. Just sucks you can’t really use photo printer for paper folding. But for this project it worked fine since there is no folding =)

A bit of process pictures on how I made the pattern.

First I made a base layout in adobe illustrator then I imported to clip studio to paint everything.

I make sure to paint each thing on its own separate layer and grouped up.

That’s really about it ^^;

 If you have any questions feel free to ask.
Thanks for watching and reading!

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